Five years ago MudGirls founder and executive director, Dorrie Papademetriou, asked the ArtC video team to create a promotional film for their website. We enthusiastically said yes.  Dorrie has commented many times how much she loves it.

Even back then we realized this is a great story that can’t be properly told in a three minute promotional piece. We knew at some point we would need to make a full documentary. That time is now. ‘Fired Up – The Story of MudGirls Studios’ will be that documentary.

The goal of the ArtC video team is to create a powerful film through interviews, video and photos of the MudGirls working, video and photos of some of their beautiful installation work and finished ceramic pieces. But more importantly, by focusing on the story of one of the MudGirls and her particular journey. It will show the viewer why this organization is so important and effect.