Making spirits is a scientific process, guided by the inspiration of the distiller and governed by the essence of the chosen ingredients. The word ‘spirit’ originates from ancient alchemists who devoted their lives to creating healing elixirs. The vapor given off and collected during the process of distillation was called the ‘spirit’ of the original material.
At Mission, we capture the full, unadulterated spirit of the raw ingredients we use to create our products. We adapt age-old processes to modern equipment & techniques to create original flavors. We put our heart and soul on the line, every day, to bring you craft spirits that showcase the very best of what nature can offer. This hard work and devotion elevate our spirits. 
Drink up, and let our spirits elevate yours. 
Mission Spirits is an artisan, small-batch spirits distillery. We produce & bottle hand crafted spirits made from our proprietary fermentation, distillation and aging processes. Using a practice we call ‘technique blending’, we modify and employ a variety of different techniques, new and old, to create original flavors. 
We take bold risks and learn from trial & error – all in the name of good spirits. Join us in drinking our successes and let our spirits elevate yours for whatever Mission you may be on. 
Mission Spirits is located in the Glasstown Arts District of historic Millville, New Jersey. We embrace the artistic and experimental vibes of the town and embody them in our space. Ultimately, our distillery is designed to be a crucible of experience and experimentation. In trialing new approaches to our products we have been rewarded with singularly unique spirits, flavors, and cocktails. We want to share our experience with you – see our workshops and experiences – and join us for some fun in the lab.
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Author: DavidToddMcCarty
Date: January 11, 2022