Film Festival Schedule – Groups Four, Five, Six & Seven


Four -Sept 23   2:05 – 3:18 pm

Group 1
Groups 2 & 3
Groups 4,5,6 & 7

For Roy

11:58 – Canada – Drama

Drawing inspiration from real-life events, a creative Asian-Canadian girl embarks on a poignant journey. Faced with the impending loss of her father within the confines of a hospice, she endeavors to fold a thousand cranes. Through this intricate art, she grapples with the profound process of bidding farewell, weaving a poignant narrative that intertwines love, grief, and the enduring power of memory.

Hell in a Handbasket

5:00 – Canada – Comedy

Dale, a lonely research scientist in the Arctic struggles to maintain his solitary existence. With the world failing from a global pandemic, all hopes fall on Dale’s shoulders as he represents the last stand for humanity.