Our Story

Storytelling is an art form as old as time. Even before we painted pictures on the walls of caves, we sat around the campfire and told stories. The ones who were able to captivate us with a little drama, pathos, comedy and insight, were the ones we relied on to keep our histories, and explain our world. Filmmaking is an advanced form of storytelling where you take sight and sound, and project a world onto a screen that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The short film, is a glimpse into that world, not the entire telling, but a slice of it.

We created CUT because we wanted to have a high-end festival in New Jersey that promoted the democratization of motion picture making by celebrating short films. Almost anyone with a vision, a story to tell, and a few friends, can make a film today. We encourage all manner of filmmakers, from professionals to amateurs, to tell stories and put them on a big screen for all to see. We are all used to seeing small videos from YouTube and TikTok, to Instagram and Facebook, but a film festival is an opportunity to see these stories in a venue that is literally larger than life.

Our Founders

Our Founders

Bill Horin
Bill HorinCo-Founder
David Todd McCarty
David Todd McCartyCo-Founder
Both Bill and David are filmmakers and so understand better than anyone the amount of work that goes into bringing a story to life on the big screen. Their passion for storytelling, especially in the medium of motion pictures told in a short format, has led them to start their own film festival.
Our Founders

Our Committee

Paul Herron
Paul HerronCommittee
Owner, OOMPH! Consultants
Diane Rogers
Diane RogersCommittee
Executive Director, Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
Chris Orazi
Chris OraziCommittee
Owner, C.A.S. Music productions
Ludovico Menegon
Ludovico MenegonCommittee
Owner, Horizon Films
Cheryl Broschard
Cheryl BroschardCommittee
Foundation Project Manager, AtlantiCare
Michelle Post
Michelle PostCommittee
Business Owner, Sculptor


“A theatre, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time has no relevance.”

Simon R. Green

Theater Сritic


“Actors are able to play any character precisely because they themselves are completely deprived of it.”

Denis Diderot



“The audience goes to the theater to see the good performance of good plays, and not the play itself: you can read the play.”

Alexander Ostrovsky

Our Founders
Our Founders